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Girl's Touching Christmas Note to Dad Goes Viral

Daughter writes dad touching Christmas letter after divorce

Divorce is never easy — least of all on the kids. But for Imgur user nuthabrickindawall, he's lucky he has a kid who's handling it all in stride. And maybe, just maybe, even better than Dad is.

"My wife divorced me this year, tearing our family apart and breaking my heart," wrote nuthabrickindawall. "I adopted her daughter from her first marriage almost ten years ago. She is now 14 years old. This is the letter she wrote to me for Christmas and my heart is exploding with pride and joy."

After reading the note ourselves, our hearts are pretty much exploding, too. Seems like this little lady is holding up quite well, all things considered. (And dear old Dad ain't doing a bad job himself.)

In the dad's caption, he added, "I know this will end up forever in /usersub, blasted to oblivion with downvotes, but I don't care. In my new life as a divorcee, Imgur has helped me feel like part of a community and I have enjoyed the thoughtful, silly and funny posts here — especially the Javert experience! I hope everybody has a great 2015."

On the contrary, the adorable note — complete with its red and green stars doodled around the border — has gone viral ever since it was posted on December 27, with over 7,000 points and 200-plus comments.

Photo via Imgur

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