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Mom-to-Be Makes Super Sweet Time-Lapse Video

Mom-to-be makes super sweet pregnancy time-lapse video

By now, we've all seen our fair share of pregnancy time-lapse videos. Remember that one where the musician dad serenaded his wife as her bump grew? Or how about the one where Mom walked through all of the seasons as we watched her belly change? We could go on and on. But something about this latest viral clip from one creative mom-to-be has really tugged at our heart strings this morning.

After taking a photo a day of her growing baby bump, the unnamed mom compiled them all into one amazing video, backed by an original cover of "Let It Snow" by Danielle Celeste (which we now can't get out of our heads).

With each photo taken, the mom pretends to spin round and round, as her belly starts to grow. And then, like magic, she sucks the air out of a balloon—and right into her belly! But just when she's ready to pop, we get the best grand finale of all, when her little baby girl makes a surprise appearance in Mom's arms.

It's all super sweet, including the caption Mom wrote to go along with the video:

"She has arrived. It's a Christmas miracle," she writes, lovingly. "I hope this video teaches women all over the world that pregnancy is something very beautiful and magical."

As we write this, the video has already wracked up over 2 million YouTube views, in less than two weeks. It's safe to say that the video's creator has definitely showed the world just how beautiful and magical pregnancy can be.

Photo via YouTube

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