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Creative Grandma Puts Baby Into Storybook Scenes

Grandma puts granddaughter into storybook scenes

It's anyone's guess as to what little 6-month-old Meredith Grossman is really dreaming about when she drifts off into a deep, soft sleep ... but if you ask her Grandma Susan, Meredith's afternoon snoozes probably include walks down the yellow brick road, frolics in the snow with Olaf and dreams under the stars.

That's because Grandma has been creatively inserting little Meredith into storybook scenes for the last few months now, and the resulting photos are undeniably adorable.

"Grandma" is Susan Pierce Grossman, a newly retired art teacher who picked up a new side project once her little granddaughter was born. After her photos recently picked up some viral steam, the amateur photographer's imaginary escapes have been touching hearts everywhere—and no doubt inspiring others to do the same.

"I want Meredith to remember that her grandma thought she was special and precious," Grossman recently told the Huffington Post, of her mission to keep taking more photos.

It's safe to say that she definitely will. Just take a look at all the amazing fantasy worlds Grandma's created for her!

There was her "Frozen" escape ...

And that time she went inside the pages of "The Nutcracker," surrounded by candy. (Every kid's paradise.)

Snoozing under the stars was cool, too.

And playing Madeline for a day.

And being a princess? Now that was the best.

If you're wearing where this creative grandma got all her designing chops, Grossman says she worked for many years as a set designer for high school plays. Many of her creations for Meredith were done to coincide with anniversaries of certain plays or stories—like the 75th anniversary of "Madeline" and the 45th anniversary of "Sesame Street."

"I may not be around to see her dreams come true," says Grossman, "but I am here now to inspire her dreams. 'If you can dream it you can do it!'"

You said it, Grandma!

Photos by Susan Pierce Grossman via The Huffington Post

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