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'Fashion Dads' Instagram Is All the Rage

Fashion Dads Instagram goes viral, showcasing hilarious dad clothing choices

If we are all united in one thing, it's this: None of our dads know how to dress.

Socks pulled up to the knees. Velcro shoes. Sweats with flannel shirts. You name it, our dads have worn it, and embarrassed us in public with it, since the dawn of time.

If this scary, slippery slope into dressing like a confused and slightly disheveled dad is starting to affect your own husband, may the latest viral Instagram account serve as a warning of what's to come. Or at least offer you some morning LOLs, because it is pretty hilarious.

According to BuzzFeed, @fashiondads_ was started just over the holidays by Travis May and Ashley Hasseltine, who are also responsible for another hilarious viral handle, Bros Being Basic. Soon, they began sharing the perplexing ensembles of other dads out there, who just want to rock their Wrangler Jeans and New Balance sneakers in peace, thank you very much.

Without further ado, we give you a taste of @fashiondads_ at its best:

Here, a dad lazily peruses books in the local library. The caption reads: "'Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway. ...' On my day off, I enjoy a little light reading at the local library. I always wear my alumni (Go Buckeyes!) #NewBalance hat matched with a relaxed #Adidas polo and my favorite pair of #ASIC running shoes. This will allow you to look nice and still lay around and read! #fashionista #LiveWithPassion #DressWithAPurpose #style #LookBook"

This is how Dad turns a simple dressing room into his own runway. "'Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.' -- DVF," reads the caption. "Went shopping @dianawarner tonight and LOVE LOVE this new orange sweater matched with a baby blue khaki short. Great for early spring outings and dinners. If you pair it with a long grey sock, it is money."

Other words to live by, from Dad? "When in doubt, layer up. And don't forget your Grinch hat."

And when "Thriller" comes on the radio – you don't pass up the opportunity to cut a rug.

Just a dad in his sweatpants, doin' his thang.

Check out the @fashiondads_ Instagram page to get a whole lot more where this came from.

Photos via Instagram

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