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Twin Babies Chat, Hold Hands for First Time

Twin babies chat, hold hands for the first time

Rough week? Don't worry — we're about to wash all that away with one insanely adorable clip featuring two twin babies having their very first deep chat. (You're welcome.)

Sure, these identical twin sisters may not yet have the verbal chops to form actual words, let alone long-winded sentences about how life's been treating them, but make no mistake, they know exactly what the other one's saying. (Now if only we did!)

While propped up on pillows for some much-needed tummy time, the girls speak to each other in a language all their own — and by language, we mean a series of grunts and gurgles and other weird baby sounds — while looking at each other like images in a mirror. It's all pretty sweet, but that's not even the best part. No, the best part comes just a few seconds in, when they start holding hands. That's the moment your heart will explode.

These aren't the only twins who've made our hearts totally melt over the last year with their adorableness. Let us not forget those newborn twins who were born holding hands, or the 11-month-old sisters who couldn't help but must some moves to the sounds of their dad's guitar.

Photo via YouTube

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