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Creative Uncle Crafts 'Jaws'-Inspired Crib

Uncle creates shark-themed baby crib inspired by "Jaws"

Well, this is definitely something you don't see every day.

Staten Island native and sculptor Joseph Reginella is making waves across the Internet for his expertly crafted, impressively intricate and (depending on how you look at it) positively terrifying baby crib design. The talented artist recently finished the crib for his nephew — which comes in the shape of a ship, tipped downward as though it's being fed into the mouth of a shark — after a conversation with his friend about the movie "Jaws." All it took was one chat, a very detailed sketch, and the rest is history. (Well, after many, many hours spent locked in his studio to create it.)

Reginella, who works as a set designer and sculptor for a studio called Themendous, often makes unconventional kid furniture for little ones. But this time, he told BuzzFeed, he "thought it would be funny if someone ordered a terrifying bed instead of something cute or mainstream."

Turns out, it is funny!

The dedicated sculptor posted a pic of his resulting creation on Facebook last month, but it wasn't until he shared it on Reddit recently that the photos have skyrocketed him into viral fame.

Here's Reginella's original sketch for the idea:

And now, the finished product:

As for the lucky baby who gets to nap inside the mouth of a shark? That's little Mikey Melaccio, Reginella's honorary nephew. The little guy's dad just so happens to be Reginella's best friend Mark, also a "Jaws" super fan.

Reginella admits that the crib's popularity has pretty much "overwhelmed" him, along with the influx of requests from other parents for "Jaws" cribs, too. But it's been pretty cool so far being Internet famous and all. For now, though, he and his buddy Melaccio are just enjoying the ride "getting a good laugh" out of the crib and all its notoriety. Still, they just want one thing to be clear: It's all a joke, people.

Reginella shared that some have taken the crib a bit too seriously, mistaking his creation for little Mikey's real crib.

"It's not like we are planning on using it in place of his actual crib!" he assured.

What do you think of the "Jaws"-themed crib?

Photos via Facebook

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