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Awesome Dad Gives Toddler a Lesson on Self-Worth

Dad teaches daughter lesson about self-worth in adorable video

Teaching our kids about honor, respect and self-worth are all things we definitely set out to do. Even when they're still just a little speck on an ultrasound scan, we have thoughts of how we'll one day teach them to love themselves just as much as we love them. But how many of us really sit down to have these convos regularly before the tough years of middle school and high school hit?

Demetrius Brown, a Los Angeles dad of two little girls, makes it his mission to regularly talk to his daughters about loving and respecting themselves — and demanding love and respect from any man who may come into their life one day, too. Today, he's here to school us on just how exactly to tackle such weighty issues, in a kid-friendly way.

Recently, Brown filmed one of his chats with 2-year-old daughter Nola, who was discussing with her dad over dinner the matter of her being a princess and all. That's when he decided to slip in a little lesson of his own. No matter what, he tells little Nola, a man should always honor you, and never lay a hand on you—except in love.

“Here is a video that all princesses, young ladies, women, fathers and sons need to watch," Brown wrote in the YouTube caption. "A 2-year-old having a conversation with her father about her value and her worth!!”

Speaking with Yahoo, Brown shared that these little "lessons" are nothing new.

"I’ve been doing this since my wife was pregnant," the 42-year-old dad said. "Even when she carried Nola, I would speak to her stomach to tell Nola that she could do anything and be anything she wanted to be."

"I give her bits and pieces," he adds. "Just enough so that she can handle and absorb it. It’s important to me that she knows her value and her worth and that she knows how she deserves to be treated. I want her to have a clear understanding of what love is and what respect is.”

Hats off today to this loving dad.

Photo via YouTube

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