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Sophia Grace Drops New Rap Video

Sophia Grace drops new rap video, but everyone's wondering where Rosie's gone

It's been a while, but the loud-mouthed, super cute singing phenom Sophia Grace is back — and she just dropped a pretty sick beat.

In her new rap video "Best Friends," 11-year-old Brit rhymes about girlfriends being forever, boys being stupid (OK, sometimes) and how sticking together when life gets rough is rule no. 1 in the girl code. So everybody better recognize!

Along with her mini posse — who are all as equally as excited about life as Miss Sophia Grace — the pint-sized sensation belts it out all over town and shows off both those trademark pipes and killer rapping skills we've all come to know and love from her many "Ellen Show" appearances.

But aside from the fact that the song is pretty damn catchy, and the video is decently produced, there's one other part about Sophia Grace's new video that no one can stop talking about.

It seems that somewhere in between all of the shopping for new clothes at KMart ...

... and raiding Mom's closet ...

... and spending hours in front of the mirror applying just the right amount of blush ...

... and just straight-up struttin' it ...

... there's one little lady that's missing out on all the fun.

That's right! Rosie is nowhere to be seen. Nowhere! Sweet, little dancing powerhouse Rosie didn't even make the cast! How they could let these dancing skills go unused, we'll never know.

Oh, well. Aside from that oversight, we are kind of in love with this new song, which will now probably be stuck in our heads all weekend.


Photos via YouTube/Tumblr

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