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Brother Tells Little Sister to Chill Out, Take a Nap

Big brother tells little sister to quit her crying and take a nap in hilarious viral video

Big brothers often tell it like it is. (Hey, it's all part of coming first in the birth order and becoming wise to the ways of the world ahead of time ... right? Eh, just go with it.)

One such big bro is gaining a decent amount of viral fame this week for doing just that, after he offered up some very matter-of-fact advice to his dramatic little sister. After all, her all-out cry fest was seriously ruining his otherwise enjoyable meal, and if no one else was going to shut it down, then he was going to have to take it upon himself to do so.

In the 13-second clip, which was featured recently on "America's Funniest Home Videos," the little girl can be seen bawling her eyes out next to her brother, until he turns to her with a wiser-than-his-years look on his face and says, "Did you have a nap today?"

His sister, in between wails, yells back, "I DIDN'T!" before her older brother promptly tells her that she needs one — bad.

It's all very adorable and big brothery and we kinda sorta can't get enough. Can you blame us?

Photo via YouTube

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