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Creative Couple Announces Pregnancy With Elaborate Mural

Couple creates intricate mural to announce their pregnancy

We know, we know — another day, another viral pregnancy announcement video. But hear us out, because this one really deserves a look.

A super creative North Carolina couple, who happen to both be architects, were pretty excited when they learned that Baby No. 1 was on the way a few months ago. So excited, in fact, that like a lot of first-time parents, they immediately started brainstorming all the ways in which they could spill the beans to friends and family that they had a bun in the oven. But unlike most other couples, their ideas went far beyond the ordinary.

Instead, John and Sara Jennings decided to turn their baby news into a DIY home improvement project of epic proportions. After all, they'd been looking at the blank walls of their apartment for some time now thinking, they just need something.

That "something" turned out to be a several-foot-high mural, made up of 13,000 colorful squares of paper that took over four days to complete. Of course, they captured it all in one glorious time-lapse video, which shows the couple busily assembling the work of art — an image of the pair on their honeymoon in Hawaii. But once the image is complete (or seems to be, anyway) a small caption flashes over the video.

"... But something was missing," it reads, before we see the pair add in just one more detail: a hanging swing, with a little child sitting atop it, beside Mom and Dad.

"We wanted it to be a complete surprise and it definitely was!" Sara shared with BuzzFeed, noting that they sent the video out as a kind of Christmas card for friends and family. "Almost everyone thought that the 'something missing' was going to be our dog, Henry."

What's more, Sara said she and John "quickly learned who watched through to the end and who turned off the video early." (Presumably based on who freaked out and called her immediately, and who didn't — which is kind of genius.)

Sara added that the mural, though painstaking to create, was the perfect way to channel all of the emotions, that were overcoming her during that crazy first months of pregnancy.

"Spontaneous ideas are sometimes exactly what people need," said Sara. "Especially during an exciting but nerve-racking time like the first weeks of pregnancy!"

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Photos via YouTube

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