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Send Your Enemies Glitter

If you've ever had the pleasure (read: miserable misfortune) of creating a school craft project with glitter, you know how difficult it is to deal with. It seems to stick to everything you don't want it to, and its impossible to clean up fully. A website called Ship Your Enemies Glitter does precisely what it says it will.

For the low, low price of $9.99 you can send your mortal enemies an envelope that will send glitter flying everywhere. The Australian company will address the envelope and discreetly stuff it with glitter. The recipient, of course, won't realize until it's far too late.

The practice of "glitter bombing" is a common form of protest. Despite the lighthearted, sparkly association of glitter, it has a very dark side. For a roundup of sparkly disasters, check out this feature on RYOT.

They also graciously offer to send along a note explaining why you are receiving this miserable delivery, but the sender remains anonymous. They have a special system that guarantees maximum spillage and maximum subsequent headache.

The company's website is full of profanity and dry humor, including a Frequently Asked Questions page that tackles the most obvious questions. There is also a review section, where recipients cite all kinds of misfortune, from not be able to get it out for three weeks, to divorce.

Undoubtedly, it will find its way to the smallest crevices in your home and to the farthest reaches of your shag carpet.

Why send someone glitter? Because if you hate someone that much, you might as well sparkle about it.

Image via Frankie Leon Flickr

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