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How 'Sugar Babies' Avoid College Debt

A group that acts as a matchmaker between women hoping to avoid college debt and wealthy men willing to ensure that they do has some top name schools among its ranks.

Don't be fooled. The business model is about pairing loaded and lonely men with young, cute women who wouldn't mind someone else covering the rent. Coeds post pictures and information about themselves; men with money say how much they're willing to spend. Couples', er, "arrangements" are made through the site. And the rest, well, that's none of your business.

Top schools of so-called Sugar Babies, those women looking for cash, are the University of Texas, Arizona State University and New York University. Columbia University comes in at No. 11.

Seeking Arrangement stats show average allowances are around $3,000 per month. Sugar Babies mostly spent the money on college tuition and fees (around 36 percent of their allowance). The money was also used for rent, books, transportation and clothing.

Most of the women participating are between 21 and 27 years old and come from all socio-economic categories (including high income). Almost three-quarters are undergraduates.

No stats on the men—but they're obviously wealthy, and probably more 'ew' than 'ooooh'?

Image via Seeking Arrangements

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