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IKEA Recalls Crib Mattresses

The affordable furniture chain is recalling approximately 169,000 baby mattresses after receiving two reports of infants getting caught between the mattress and the crib. Fortunately the children were not injured. According to IKEA spokeswoman Daniela Rogosicsome, the issue appears to be that some of the mattresses are slightly too short for the crib.

The recalled mattresses are part of IKEA's VYSSA crib mattress line and includes the VACKERT, VINKA, SPELEVINK, SL├ľA and SLUMMER. The affected mattresses were manufactured on May 4, 2014, or earlier and the identification tag on the mattress contains the date of manufacture in Month-DD-YYYY format and the VYSSA model name.

A gap between the mattress and crib ends larger than two finger width is an indication of the defective mattress.

For more information on this recall, check out the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

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