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Cat Saves Baby Left Outdoors in Russian Winter

A long-haired tabby cat is being hailed a hero, after he crawled in the box and stayed all night with a baby abandoned in the middle of the Russian winter.

Health officials say the baby had only been outside for a few hours, but would have suffered from the extreme cold had Masha not crawled inside.

Obninsk city resident Irina Lavrova heard Masha, a cat she recognized, meowing loudly from the box. Lavrova told the Central European News (via the New York Post) that Masha usually runs up to her for attention, so she went over to see why she was in a box. She was surprised to see the cat next to a baby boy.

“Clearly [Masha's] mothering instincts had taken over and she wanted to protect the child,” Lavrova explained. “[The baby] was well-dressed with a little hat, and whoever left him here had even left a few nappies and some baby food.”

The baby was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found him to be in great condition. Masha, too, has come out of the situation quite well. The neighborhood, which takes care of the cat, is making sure she has all the foods fit for a heroic feline.

Image by Europics via NYPost

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