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Snubbed Director's Tweet Makes Everything Awesome

The biggest news around this year's Oscar nominations are who and how many got snubbed. Folks noting the lack of gender and racial diversity in the nominations are pretty much calling the annual accolades a "white guys" event. Two white guys, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, might beg to differ. Their wildly popular and creative animated "The Lego Movie" got pretty much nothing (just a Best Original Score nomination).

Still, co-director Lord isn't making much of a fuss. Instead, he tweeted an image of an Oscar. Made from golden Legos.

Image via Twitter

Continuing in that everything-is-awesome vein, he followed up with a tweet: "This is not a tragedy. Congrats to incredible crew and cast of 'The Lego Movie,' who made a classic."

Lord's filmmaking partner, Miller, was a little less nonplussed. He tweeted: "Congrats to 'Everything is Awesome' though currently the title of the song doesn't seem especially accurate!"

"The Lego Movie" box office returns might take issue. It grossed $257 million domestically, the most of any other 2014 movies.

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Miller then channeled his inner Kanye and showed himself to be a good sport in the athletics of awards season. He tweeted: "Imma let you finish but 'The Lego Movie' had one of the best crews of all time. Of all time."

Image via Warner Bros.

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