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Meryl Streep Kisses Mark Ruffalo Just Because

During a recent appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," the esteemed Meryl Streep surprised everyone—including Mark Ruffalo—when she planted a big one on his lips. The reason for this unexpected show of affection? Streep had been chatting about why she had finally accepted the role of a witch in "Into the Woods" when she had previously already turned down various witch roles three separate times around the time she turned 40. Ruffalo, in his typical charming way, smoothly replies with: "So a lot has changed in the last five years for you." Awww!

Streep was apparently as tickled and flattered as we would've been and reached over for what Ruffalo clearly thinks is a hug and grabs him for a passionate smooch instead. Cue Ruffalo reaching to the heavens in a gesture of thanks while Streep states what every woman is thinking and replies, "I've been looking for an excuse all night."

Watch all the action for yourself below.

Well played, Meryl, well played.

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