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This Ad Will Get Your Husband to Shave

You know how the whole beard trend is sexy right now? Well, prepare to change your mind.

Schick, a well-known razor brand, just launched a bold new ad campaign. The ads feature some hipster-looking guys that, at first glance, are serious men with impressively furry beards. Take a closer look and you'll see that their lumberjack-like beards are actually little furry creatures cuddled up on their chins! Overgrown beards aren't hot anymore—they're feral.

Schick is clearly hoping to squash the hipster-beard trend that's sweeping the nation. Scruff is in right now and busy guys undoubtedly love that its incredibly low maintenance. Dads all over the country have been caught rocking the trend, and people have been loving it. For more proof, check out the Tumblr Better With a Beard.

The ads feature all kinds of beards, from little ferrets curled up, to a possum-like thing holding on from ear to ear. There's a furry critter for every bearded man in your life. If you're looking to get a guy to trim the beard, go ahead and send this link along to them.

Image via Schick/Design You Trust

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