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Swedish Parents Object to Dancing Penises, Vaginas

A Swedish children's program that aims to educate young children about their bodies didn't hold back even a little bit. "Barnkanalen" released a one-minute video clip from an upcoming show featuring a dancing vagina with blue hair and an upright penis with testicles for feet.

The cartoon genitalia dance and sing about themselves, using the Swedish equivalent of what American kids might refer to as their "pee-pee" or "cha-cha."

“Here comes pee-pee at a run, he has no pants,” goes the song. “Cha-cha is cool, you better believe it, even on an old lady ... Pee-pee and cha-cha, what a great gang!” the Guardian roughly transcribes.

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Swedish parents have had mixed reactions about just the clip, some praising the video and others calling for the show not to be aired or questioning the judgement and pastimes of the adults in charge.

“What on earth? What the hell? Is this supposed to be educational?” wrote one commenter on the song's Facebook page. “I’ve always wondered how much drugs are being done in the children’s entertainment industry,” wrote another.

A project leader for children's programming at the educational TV station is feeling a bit defensive. “Let’s keep the secret that children have vaginas and penises until they are 18. Probably they won’t notice anything in their pants before then, and once they do, then this disgusting thing will be hopefully covered in guilt and shame,” Caroline Ginner told a Swedish TV website.

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One critic, blogger Alex Schulman, objected to the gender norms the genitalia adhered to. The vagina was all prudent, innocent and sweet, while the erect penises were "wild things." Maybe edit for more wild vaginas?

Johan Holmström wrote and performed the song. This isn't his first foray into the natural-yet-taboo and downright WTF. Previous tunes for the children's program have been the juvenile-pleasing “Pee, Farting and Pooping,” “I Like Slime,” and “Molluscs in My Pants.”

Watch the video below and ask yourself: What's so wrong with a penis in a top hat?

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Image by SVT

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