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Mom Delivers Her Own Twins Via C-Section

An Australian mother to nine children took an active role during the c-section birth of her 10th and 11th children. After doctors cut open Gerri Wolfe, 41, she reached down to her lower abdomen and pulled out her twin daughters, Matilda and Violet.

The so-called "maternal assisted cesarean section" was all a part of the plan, but only after Wolfe convinced doctors at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales, to step back and let her do the actual delivery.

It was a first for the medical staff as well as Wolfe, who had already given birth via c-section four times before. She had hoped to give birth to the twins vaginally and was devastated to learn in the 36th week of this pregnancy that a complication meant she would once again welcome her kids into the world in an operating room.

She had read online about maternal assisted cesarean sections, where the mother reach into their bellies and pull out their babies, and liked the more personal, less passive aspect of it. Wolfe approached her doctors, who were initially skeptical. The doctors agree, though, to look into it. After learning it wouldn't be unsterile as they had initially imagined, they gave the green light.

Wolfe's husband said his wife is used to getting her way. In matters of the body, that's how Wolfe thinks it should be, telling the U.K. Daily Mail, "It's my body, it's my birth, it's my baby."

To keep the environment sterile, Wolfe scrubbed up before the surgery and put on two sets of long surgical gloves. After laying down on the table and getting situated, the outside set of gloves was removed, leaving the next set ready for delivery.

Doctors went to work and, eventually, leaned down and asked if she was ready. She laid each of the girls on her chest immediately after lifting them out.

Wolfe describes their births as extremely personal. Both she and her doctor are satisfied with the outcome.

Image via Twenty20/Adiwiryaaja

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