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Single Mom Strikes Against Daughters

A North Carolina mom has taken to the street, picket sign in hand. Since last week, she has marched in front of the home of her mighty oppressors.

Her one-woman picketing area also happens to be her home. Her oppressors? Her teenage daughters. Naasira Muhammad's sign says "Mom on Strike." She told curious local reporters that the demonstration is an attempt to push back against the out-of-control behavior of her daughters.

The tipping point came when one of the girls scratched Muhammad's brand new minivan with a set of keys.

"I'm to the point where I'm just so frustrated—so to keep my hands off my kids or to keep me from doing something crazy, I just decided to go on strike," Muhammad told WFMY. "I walk up and down the sidewalk until my knees hurt, and then I sit down."

The girls, too, have something to say and are using poster board and markers to say it. With the encouragement (force?) of their aunt, the two walked up and down the same sidewalk with a sign saying: "Thank you, mom, for providing for me, caring for me and loving me.

Going on strike "is the only solution that I could think of, other than get rid of my children," Muhammad told WFMY. "But I would not go to that extreme."

Psychologist interviewed by ABCNews say Muhammad's picketing is impulsive and not the best solution. Rather, the fed-up mom needs to reach out for help from her community.

Perhaps the public march was meant to do just that. After all, teens don't come with users manuals.

It's unclear whether the strike is still on or whether the family has made up.

Image by WFMY via Twitter

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