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First-Grader Totally Gets How to Support a Sick Friend

First-graders Vincent Butterfield and Zach Gossig have been good friends since first starting school at Central Elementary School in Union, Missouri. The two are goofy friends who like to joke around with each other and their teachers.

But when things got serious for young Zach last year, Vincent got serious, too. Zach was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, something Vincent didn't understand at all. So he looked into it and learned what he could.

When he found out that Zach's treatments would make the boy lose his hair, Vincent showed up one day in a stocking cap. His teacher asked why he was wearing that hat, so Vincent removed it. He was bald — he had all of his hair cut off. He told his teacher he "wanted to make Zach feel like he's not the only one without any hair."

Vincent made and sold scarves to raise money for Zach's medical bills. He made $200 and he gave it all to Zach's family.

The boys appear to take all of this in stride. Zach himself is strong. Despite frequent trips to the hospital for his treatments, he hasn't missed a day of school yet. Why would he want to? He'd miss out on time with his best buddy.

Image via YouTube/WTNH News

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