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Breaking News: You're Beautiful (Yes, You!)

Mom.me's Miranda Richards hit the Santa Monica pier one recent sunny afternoon. Her goal? To tell the women she saw there, "You're beautiful."

It's not every day women get such a bold and stark reminder. It's not every day women are asked to tell a complete stranger what they find beautiful about themselves.

One woman from Denmark said she's not used to speak about herself in general. Culturally, that's not entirely appropriate. But Miranda pushed, offered her own observations—nice eyes, kind demeanor—and the Danish beauty said, "Spot on. I'll take it!"

She asked some young girls what's beautiful about their moms. They all liked how their moms look, one adding that her mother is also clever.

Everyone had to dig deep to reveal what was the hardest thing to find beautiful about themselves. They answered "teeth" or their inability to look like supermodels. Young Jasmine told Miranda she didn't like that she couldn't turn into a butterfly.

One woman said that there's nothing she doesn't find beautiful about herself.

As it should be.

Image via YouTube/Mom.me

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