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Your Yoga Pants Are Too Sexy for God

A blogger in Oregon has taken off her pants—for God's sake.

Veronica Partridge writes on her eponymous blog that she will no longer create #OOTD's around leggings. The form-fitting pants, which serve to highlight her rockin' bod, are too much of a turn-on for men, and that's not what the Christian married mom of one should be encouraging.

Her husband confirmed her suspicions, indicating that when a woman in yoga pants walks into the room, he has to do his utmost to not stare at her ass.

"Was it possible my wearing leggings could cause a man, other than my husband, to think lustfully about my body? I asked my husband his thoughts on the matter when he got home. I appreciated his honesty when he told me, 'Yeah, when I walk into a place and there are women wearing yoga pants everywhere, it’s hard to not look. I try not to, but it’s not easy,'” she writes.

I mean, if it's hard for her husband, can you imagine what it's like for other men to resist looking at Partridge?

"Sure, if a man wants to look, they are going to look, but why entice them? Is it possible that the thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings could make a married (or single) man look at a woman in a way he should only look at his wife?"

She says she's not telling other women what to do, though her words don't exactly read like ad copy for Lululemon. She insists this is just the choice that she's making for herself — in order to help men think more about their wives and less about her fit behind.

Partridge will still wear leggings around the house and with a long top that covers her behind. She sees her wardrobe revision as setting a good example for her daughter, who she hopes will learn that her value isn't in what she wears.

As if the delicious comfort of a non-binding waistband isn't the most valuable lesson of all.

Image via YouTube/GMA

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