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Lady Bread, Man Bread: Apparently, It's a Thing

Think your toast could use a lady makeover? Canada's Stonemill Bakehouse thinks so. They're baking bread specially formulated for the delicate lips, tastes and health obsessions of the fairer sex: Women's Wellbeing loaf. Think: hemp, quinoa, vitamin D and calcium. The taste is "milder," the texture "lighter" — what a women in corsets and big hats want for their turkey and cheddars.

What's the big deal? Nothing wrong with offering moms a fluffier slice? Reader, it's sold in a pink bag.

Men can feed their testosterone-fueled appetites with “hearty” grains, such as (burley) barley and (strapping) rye. The Men's Wellbeing formula is loaded with fiber (what a man!) and protein. Women can let their muscles wither, since tiny gals are way cuter.

As the Toronto Star points out, Stonemill bread is the latest in marketing trends creating gender-specific products that make little sense. (Did Ellen's bit about Bic pens for women teach us nothing?) Protein and nutrition bars are often marketed specifically toward one gender or the other. Yogurt is now totally women's domain, if you rely only the impressions yogurt marketing attempts to make. And chocolate. A guy eating a Dove bar may as well show us his red stilettos.

Word of the lady bread prompted outrage on social media, mocking the idea that normal bread is too rough.

Experts say the company's marketing terms — "milder" for women, "hearty" for men — reinforce the all-too familiar stereotypes for men and women.

Gottfried Boehringer, Stonemill president, says the company's two formula are altruistic, arguing men and women have slightly different nutritional needs and that the loaves are responding to that.

They're just trying to help!

Image via Twenty20/shadifoto

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