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Snow Day Survival Tips From

"Good Morning America" checked in with the snowbound in New York City today. As with snow days since time immemorial, the kids are loving the day off from school. The parents? Not quite as much.

Snow days mean early mornings, loads of screen time and, if you're lucky, some time in the great outdoors.

Our editor Erika Souter, stuck home with the kids today, planned ahead. She put together supplies, planned a loose itinerary and kept the kids busy all day. Her son and some friends built forts, made sock puppets and snow globes (see the video above for an easy guide to building your own snow globe) and then blew frozen bubbles. (Frozen bubbles! Who knew? She explains everything in the video.)

Souter said a lot of parents try to make up for the missed school day on the snow day, but that really, there's plenty to do that's cool, fun and accidentally teachable.

Image via GMA

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