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Childhood Dream Is Reality for Woman Who Paints Cats

Shyama Golden displaying her art from "Catsqustch"

Parents tell their kids that they can be whatever they want when they grow up. The bigger the dream, the better: teacher, doctor, astronaut, president ... cat artist?

Hey, why not? Shyama Golden is doing just that, and it looks awesome. The self-described artist/graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York, is currently working on a book called "Catsquatch."

On her personal website, Golden describes "Catsquatch" as "an illustrated book about cats who free themselves from human ownership and give rise to a creature who becomes something of a legend." The original creations are oil on canvas, and Golden is working on the project with her filmmaker/storyteller boyfriend.

"We’ve wanted to do a collaboration for a long time," Golden told The Great Discontent during a 2014 interview. "Both of us love Sasquatch, and I love cats, so we started sketching ideas and found a way to combine the two."

In case you have a hard time pronouncing her first name, Golden is quick to note that it rhymes with llama. It may not be the sexiest of animals to call to mind, but the comparison is sure to make you remember who she is — not that her fantastic cat art would let you forget.

"As a kid, my favorite things were drawing, cats, horses, inventing strange foods, and writing and illustrating stories about cats," Golden told The Great Discontent. In a perfect twist, her parents are both scientists.

You can follow the creative process of making "Catsquatch" on Golden's Flickr account, or see what else she is up to on Instagram.

Image via Instagram/shyamagolden

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