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Snapchat Update Infuriates Teens

Teens got a small taste of what privacy feels like when Snapchat introduced a new feature in the latest version of the app. The response has been, overwhelmingly, "WTF!"

Before the Discover feature, Snapchat users could see who users interacted with most through Best Friends lists. (Translation for pre-Facebook social media users: like MySpace's Top 8 friends, only users can't control who's there.)

Best Friends lists used to be public, and Snapchat contacts could see who was getting Snapchats from whom. With the upgrade? No more public lists.

How are you supposed to stalk who your friends are interacting with the most? You're not supposed to, apparently.

The upgrade wasn't intentionally offering up more privacy. Instead, it was supposed to have been an easier way to keep up with the latest news without cluttering the screen. What Snapchat didn't consider was a social media user's Internet-given right to keep track of who their girlfriend or boyfriend is snapping.

And showing off one's own secret chats. As Karli/@EheartKC so cogently put it:

"so now snapchat doesn't show your best friends ...

aka there's no point in snapping hot boys anymore bc if people don't know what's the point"

Indeed, Karli. Indeed.

Image via Twenty20/NoraFiske

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