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Videos Call Out Domestic Violence During Super Bowl

Two chilling Super Bowl spots are bringing awareness to domestic violence. One specifically calls out a very violent NFL year.

The 15-second spot, which will run at some point during the Super Bowl, shows the foot of a kicker approaching the ball. But just as he's about to kick, he tackles a woman who is standing in the field. The video is running on Sports Illustrated website Ultraviolet with the hashtag #GoodelMustGo, a reference to the NFL commissioner who has not prioritized the league's backlog of domestic violence allegations.

The video's ending (and overall) message? “Let’s take domestic violence out of football.”

Another one-minute video is part of the NFL's "No More" campaign. It's based on an actual 911 call, when a woman pretended to order a pizza because her attacker was in the same room with her.

Both videos are powerful and emotional. And considering domestic violence issues dogged the NFL this year more than most, their timing and attention mean everything.

Image via YouTube/Ultraviolet

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