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#LikeaGirl Ad Sweeps Super Bowl Social Media

Think Super Bowl fans are just a bunch of drunk bros demanding another tray of hot wings from their lady-women? Think again. The ad that created the most social buzz during last night's Super Bowl tackled (pun intended) the idea that femininity is inherently weak.

"Like a Girl," an ad for P&G's Always feminine products, got the highest volume of mentions across all major social media platforms—more than 400,000, according to the analytics arm of Adobe. The number crunchers at Adobe Social reported that #LikeaGirl scored the highest positive sentiment across social media, according to Mashable. A vast majority of the mentions (84 percent) expressed feelings like "admiration" and "joy".

The ad asks adults, teens and a tween to "run like a girl," "throw like a girl" and "fight like a girl." There's flailing and ditziness and patty-cake gestures — a general lack of skill that would be needed to, say, move a body or ball from Point A to Point B. A tween boy is asked, "Did you just insult your sister?"

"No," he answers. Then he reconsiders, "Well, yeah, girls. But not my sister."

Some young girls clear up this matter of what it means to do something like a girl. One answering, "It means to run as fast as you can."

Conclusion: Being "like a girl" is a good thing—a really good thing—but the way we talk about girls, particularly in sports, sends a message that girls already aren't "good enough." They hear that message, and P&G called it out.

Adobe Social plugged more than 4 million social media mentions into its algorithm, reporting out "Super Bowl buzz growth over an average day, sentiment, spend efficiency and international reach." Data was drawn from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Foursquare, Google+, WordPress, VK, Disqus, Metacafe, Dailymotion and blogs.

Parents (and "sorta" parents) featured in four of the top 10 Super Bowl ads:

1. #LikeAGirl

2. Avocados from Mexico

3. Dove Men Care

4. eSurance

5. "Clash of Clans"

6. Squarespace

7. Nissan

8. Toyota

9. Loctite

10. Anheuser Busch (Budweiser and Bud Light)

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