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Loyal Dog Protects Woman's Baby Bump

There's plenty of debate over the the safety of having dogs around babies. But Tebow the Pit Bull/Boxer mix doesn't have time for your concerns. He's too busy protecting the fetus of his favorite female. Even the lady's boyfriend better watch where he puts his hands.

According to the original YouTube post:

"My buddy's girlfriend is pregnant and their dog has become extremely protective of the yet-to-be delivered bundle of joy. They swear he started this on his own and I just had to get it on video. And before the crazy kids get involved, the dog is not vicious and is not a danger to anyone. He simply has decided no one should be messing with that belly! lol"

To those who think that dog's are merely man's best friend, Tebow would appreciate a bit of re-education on your part. According to the San Francisco chronicle, "When someone becomes pregnant, [dogs] begin to notice various changes in the person's body language and the way other people are treating them. Because of this, dogs tend to become more alert and protective, even barking at other family members—including the baby's father."

Tebow would much rather guard his human mom and protect her unborn child than watch the Super Bowl with the dudes. Because he's woman's best friend.


Image via YouTube/tkuth80

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