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High-Tech Glasses Allows Blind Mom to See Baby for First Time

They say love is blind, but in Kathy Beitz's case, it literally was. Beitz, legally blind since childhood due to a condition known as Stargardt disease, recently gave birth to her first child. Never recalling seeing a baby in her life, Betiz didn't expect that the first baby she'd ever see was her own newborn son Aksel. But thanks to a pair of high-tech glasses, known as an e-sight device, Beitz was able to marvel over Aksel's tiny digits and gush like all new parents do, "Look at his long toes. He's got Tony's toes. You know what? I think he has my nose. I think he looks like us."

And guess what? It was all caught on tape! Cue the waterworks:

The e-sight glasses only works for people who are legally blind but still have some vision. It is head-mounted and basically works like a giant electronic magnifying glass. Amazing, isn't it?

To learn more about Beitz and the esight glasses, visit #MakeBlindessHistory

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