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14 Infants Quarantined After Measles Outbreak at Day Care Center

Doctor injects child with vaccination

Having to quarantine your child because of a measles outbreak sounds like a headline from the '60s—instead, it's happening right now at a day care in sunny Santa Monica, California.

Fourteen babies from the same child care center are under quarantine for 21 days after one of the infants tested positive for the measles, according to KPCC. There is no quarantine for the toddlers.

"Babies are immunized at one year with what's called the MMR—the measles, mumps and rubella," Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District spokeswoman Gail Pinsker told KPCC. "So this baby did not have that vaccine yet."

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Measles is an airborne virus that can hang around for up to two hours, according to the CDC. If someone with measles coughs or sneezes in a space, the disease can be contracted long after the infected person has left the area. The resurgence of measles was on full display in December, when nine cases were linked to one fateful day at Disneyland.

There are of course instances of individuals who are unable to get the MMR vaccine, whether that person be too young or have an immune system that is too weak. But that means administering MMR vaccines to those who are eligible is all the more imperative. Not only are you protecting your child, but you're protecting those who cannot receive the life-saving, preventative treatment.

Simply put, if your kids don't get the measles, they can't give it to anyone else.

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