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Students Walk Home in Cold After School Confiscates Jackets

About 20 children had to walk home without a coat because a school official took the garments for violating the dress code

Oh the irony. A group of children get in trouble at their Charlotte, North Carolina, middle school for wearing winter jackets that don't align with the dress code. So what does a school official do? Confiscates the coats for being the incorrect color—they must be hunter green, people!—and fails to return them before the children head home in the cold.

Is the color of a jacket more important than kids staying warm in crappy weather? Heck no.

Not surprisingly, local parents were none too pleased when their kids returned that day without their coats. They were even more dismayed to learn that some knucklehead with a stake in their child's well-being took the jackets in the first place.

"I'm upset that you would send children home in that degree weather without a jacket. Unacceptable. Period," said Chanda Spates, who told WBTV that three of her children returned from school without their winter coats. "Because that shows you're not looking for the welfare of the children. You're not having any regard for the children."

Spates said that at least 20 students had their jackets confiscated during lunch, and were told that if they wanted them returned, a parent would have to come and retrieve it from the school. She noted that last year, the school sold coats that matched the specific coloring of the uniform, but not this year.

A statement released from the school, Ranson IB Middle School, apologized for the incident and stated that, "Corrective action has been taken with the employee who did not return coats back to students."

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Image via Paul Mayne/Flickr

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