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Chinese Food Restaurant Sued for Gluten-Free Menu

If you’re sick and tired of paying extra for your gluten-free Chicken Lettuce Wraps at P.F. Chang’s, you may be in luck. Anna Marie Philips is suing the pan-Asian cuisine restaurant over the prices of their gluten-free menu items. She’s claiming that the added charge for gluten-free items is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

She suffers from celiac disease. The disease causes painful inflammation in the intestines. “Often times I feel like I have to choose my health or having money,” said another celiac sufferer to Yahoo Health.

As if eating gluten-free weren’t hard enough—limited food options, hidden gluten in foods you wouldn’t expect, cross-contamination, to name a few—you’ve also got to save your pennies to be able to afford it.

Despite being ranked as the second most allergy-friendly restaurant by Allergy Eats, P.F. Chang’s charged an extra dollar to make their regular menu items gluten free. A study revealed that all commercially available products labeled as gluten-free were 242 percent more expensive than comparable products. And those dollars are adding up.

So is the gluten-free crowd being discriminated against?

“Having a dietary issue is a disability,” attorney Mark Heller told Yahoo Health. “To have to pay a premium price is discriminatory, and there is legal basis for a case. It would be like installing a handicapped ramp and then charging people a dollar to use it.”

“This could be a pioneering and trail blazing the way to bring light to the fact that people shouldn’t be charged differently,” Heller said.

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Image via Easton Way

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