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Celeb Dads Break the Internet—Again

So, remember when Kim Kardashian broke the Internet? Well, in the spirit of "Throwback Thursday," funny guys Steve Carell, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tried to break the internet again, with a hilarious Instagram clip. And we think they may succeed this time!

Carell, Stewart and Colbert are all huge power players in the world of comedy, and at home they're doting dads. Their latest collaborative #tbt shows they had some modeling skills back in the day. All three were on "The Daily Show" at one point, with Stewart as the host and Carrell and Colbert as correspondents until 2005.

The shirtless guys are all wearing black pants as they pose provocatively (and very comically) and a sultry saxophone plays music in the background. Check out the short clip below or by clicking here. There are pouty faces, "smizing" (that means smiling with your eyes) and sexy points galore.

The clip originally appeared on "The Daily Show" as a "Moment of Zen," a final funny clip that Stewart shows at the end of his nightly show on Comedy Central. But we have to say, this clip is anything but zen! It was originally filmed in 2001, and the "The Daily Show" Instagram account just brought it back. We're so happy they did, considering Instagram didn't even exist yet.

We love that these celeb dads have a sense of humor. They might not have actually broken the Internet, but they sure made us laugh.

Image via The Daily Dot

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