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Couple Uses 'Blank Space' Parody to Announce Pregnancy

When Kimmy and Tandy Baker of Idaho discovered that they were expecting their third child—a surprise baby, no less—they decided to go big or go home with their pregnancy announcement.

And go big they did.

Set to the music of Taylor Swift's undeniably catchy "Blank Space," the Baker's version ("A Name") chronicles the struggles they initially faced with an unexpected pregnancy ("Ain't it funny—didn't try—and I know we didn't want three") then moves on to the never-ending process of finding the perfect name for their impending bundle of joy. "Got a long list of my favorites, you'll think that they're insane. 'Cause we’re having another baby. So let’s pick a name" is a particularly brilliant line.

Watch the fun for yourself:

Kimmy shares with Today, “I was really not happy about the pregnancy at first and making the video kind of helped pull me out of that funk. It made it more real and more of a fun thing that we are having a third baby.”

And we can't wait to hear what they decide to name the baby!

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