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Bethany Hamilton Is Pregnant

There's a little "Soul Surfer" on board!

Championship surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack in 2003, announced on her YouTube channel on Sunday that she and husband Adam Dirks are expecting a baby boy.

"So we have a little surprise for you," she announces. "Baby on board!"

In the video, between shots of her surfing alone and with Dirks (with, of course, baby bump in tow), the 25-year-old Hawaii native also answers questions about her pregnancy.

"In baby terms, I'm 22 weeks," she reports, "which is about halfway there."

And as far as baby names go, she and Dirks admit that they're still considering their options—but she says Baby Boy Dirks will have his name revealed after his actual birth.

"We're gonna keep that on the downlow. You won't know until Baby's out," she says.

Not only that, but pregnancy isn't keeping her on the couch. The surfer says she's been out in the water the whole time.

"So I've been surfing throughout my whole pregnancy," she says. "I plan to surf as long as I can."

However, there might be a point when she'll have to take a break.

"Once the belly's pretty big," she says, "maybe [I'll] just like mellow it out and spend more time swimming and just enjoying the ocean and doing other activities."

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