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How to Make a Dior Bag

The French luxury design house Christian Dior is known for incredible luxury design pieces of couture, handbags, perfumes and cosmetics. Now they should be known for incredible videos. They just released a video of how they make their latest "Be Dior" bag.

The video is absolutely mesmerizing. The craftsmanship involved in the creation of the bag is like nothing we've ever seen.

The magazine French Vogue was enamored with the "Be Dior" bag in the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 show. Now, they got exclusive access to see how the bag is made. Get a total behind-the-scenes experience at Dior and watch each step of making their latest It-bag. There is precise leather-cutting, to stitching the pieces coming together. Go behind the scenes at the French couture house to watch the expert craftsmen at work. What's so amazing to us is how much of the process is completely made by hand.

Check out the incredible video here.

The entire video is shot in incredible, high-definition detail. You can see the texture of the leather and the bristles of the brushes that apply the glue. We couldn't believe how many aspects of handbag product are completely by hand, including slicing the pieces of leather to create the straps or the hand-sewn threads of the straps. Our favorite part is watching how the abstract pieces of leather come together to make an actual wearable work of art.

We won't be coughing up the hefty sum of money to purchase the bag (it's estimated to retail for about $5,000), but we totally get how they charge what they do. The work required to create just one bag is unbelievable. With a price tag that high, and the amount of work that goes into it, it's easy to see why these bags last for decades.

Images via French Vogue/Dior

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