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Getting Switched at Birth Results in Big Payday

A large payout is coming to the plaintiffs

Mother knows best.

Twenty years ago, a pair of women expressed doubts that the newborns placed in their arms at the hospital were not theirs. And it turns out, they weren't. The nurse had confused the babies when removing them from a shared incubator, leading to two cases of mistaken identity that lasted a decade.

It wasn't until one of the children had a DNA test at the age of 10 that her mother learned they weren't biologically related, according to Reuters. And now a Southern French court has ordered the private clinic where the mix-up occurred to pay each of the women who were switched at birth 400,000 euros in damages, which is about $450,000. The women's families were awarded 300,000 euros to each of the three parents involved, and 60,000 euros each to the brothers and sisters of the plaintiffs (about $340,000 and $68,000, respectively).

The switch occurred after both infants were born with jaundice and placed in a shared incubator. When the nurse retrieved the newborns, she gave each girl to the other's mother.

Reuters reports that the families involved in the case had sought 12 million euros in damages.

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Image via Tugnutt/Flickr

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