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Millennial Moms Ditch TV for Phones

Young moms in the U.S. are putting down the TV remote

The futile search for the television remote is getting less and less important for millennial moms, now that smartphones and tablets are more likely to be in their hands.

A new study on how young moms—ages 18 to 32 years old—respond to advertising reveals interesting insights into the changing social media habits of U.S. mothers, according to Adweek.

Released by Johnson & Johnson's BabyCenter and the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, the study found that the average U.S. millennial mom spends 2.8 hours every day using a smartphone or tablet, compared to 2.3 hours watching television.

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So what makes our millennial moms bury their noses into iPhones, Galaxies, iPads and tablets? Chances are, if there's a baby pic on the screen, they'll engage. The Babycenter study showed that 77 percent of young U.S. mothers who participated in the study would click on creative ad content that features a baby, 76 percent click on images showing families, but only 19 percent clicked on pictures of a woman leading a workplace meeting.

One reason young moms spend more time on the phone may have to do with how they shop. As Adweek reports, the research found that 81 percent of U.S. moms studied said they shopped using their mobile device, while 62 percent search and download mobile coupons while they shop.

Sorry, QVC!

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