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Teen Fired Over Twitter for a Tweet

A young woman lost her new job over a tweet

Working at a pizza place may not be the most glamorous of jobs, so if you're not interested, why apply?

A teenager who goes by the Twitter handle "@Cellla_" decided to lament the fact that she'd be tossing dough and spreading sauce, and decided to share her disdain publicly on social media by tweeting: "Ew I start this f*** a** job tomorrow." Following the comment were numerous thumbs-down emojis.

But luckily (or unluckily?) for @Cellla_, her new boss is also a tweeter! He got wind of the disgruntled message and responded that the ungrateful employee need not show up for her first day at Jet's Pizza in Mainsfield, Texas, according to the local CBS affiliate.

“This is just one of those gaps in really understanding that there are consequences for what you put out there,” Kelly O’Brien, director of the Neeley Professional Development Center at Texas Christian University, told the CBS affiliate. “It never ceases to surprise that there just seems to be a disconnect, really, with today’s younger kids and the information they can post online thinking that it really is OK.”

Since this online war has gone viral, @Cellla_ has received an outpouring of support on her Twitter account from users all over the world. She responded to her ex-boss' tweet with another showing an emoji of a happy woman tossing out cash.

No word yet on if @Cellla_ has found another job, or if her former position at Jet's Pizza has been restaffed.

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Images via Twitter

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