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Brits Give Corgis the Cold Shoulder

The Queen's favorite breed is be registered less and less

Say it ain't so!

Arguably one of the cutest dog breeds out there, the Corgi is being registered less and less with the British Kennel Club, Mashable reports.

With only 274 new Corgi puppies registered in the United Kingdom in 2014, the short-of-stature, long-of-body, cute-as-a-button canine has landed on the organization's "vulnerable dog breeds" list for the first time.

"Any breed, which has fewer than 300 registrations in a year is classified as being 'vulnerable,'" Carline Kisko of the Kennel Club told BBC Radio. "From a genetic point of view it means their gene pool can drop, and this can have consequences for any breed in terms of their future breed health."

Corgis are the well-known favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, whose love of the breed began in childhood.

The crown coin issued for her Golden Jubilee in 2002 even featured a Corgi sitting on the Queen's lap.

But the rest of the royal family seems to be bucking the Corgi trend. Prince Charles has Jack Russell Terriers, while Prince William and Kate own a Cocker Spaniel, according to Mashable.

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Images: M Photo via Getty Images/Lisa Sheridan via Getty Images/www.ngccoin.com

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