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Stay-at-Home Mom's Lip Balm Lands in Oscar Swag Bags

One stay-at-home mom is going to make movie stars pucker up when they get a sample of her homemade lip balm in their Oscar swag bags.

Brenda Mierzejewski, 36, has the potential to turn what started out as a "mom job" into big business now that her lip balm is being featured in 100 gift bags for celebrities attending the 87th Academy Awards, according to the Record-Journal.

The mother in Portland, Connecticut, started making lip balm in her kitchen about a year ago to soothe the chapped lips of her two children. She found some recipes on Pinterest and began tweaking them until she developed her own.

Mierzejewski's kids loved her lip balm, and soon requests started coming in from outside the family. In October 2014, she officially launched the organic, all-natural formula as Lip Luxe, the Record-Journal reports.

"I'm still a stay-at-home mom. I do this from home and on the side when I'm not watching my children," Mierzejewski told the Record-Journal. "My kids go to bed and then Lip Luxe kind of comes alive."

In an effort to get her product social media buzz, Mierzejewski sent Lip Luxe samples to her favorite celebrities, and with some Beverly Hills connections the balm was getting picked up by Hollywood makeup artists. Before she knew it, Lip Luxe LLC got the chance to be featured in the swag bags at an award suite that only Academy Award nominees are privy to.

It takes Mierzejewski five hours to make 200 to 250 half-ounce jars, from the melting of raw ingredients and adding essential oils, to packaging the product. Each jar costs $11.75 and is available in six flavors including citrus, lemon and lavender, cherry and peppermint. For more info, check out the Lip Luxe website at www.lipluxe.com.

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Images via www.lipluxe.com

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