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Clever Kickstarter Campaign Promotes Vaccinations

"It's simple: Parents should vaccinate their kids because science supports it."

That's the message from "Pro Vaccines: Give Our Kids a Shot," an ingenious Kickstarter campaign launched by Washington, D.C., dad Peter Keesey, who is trying to send out 50,000 stickers to pediatricians' offices across the country for parents and kids to wear after being vaccinated.

"When parents make the decision to vaccinate their children, they should have a way to express that they feel confident and proud in the choice they made, just like wearing an 'I voted today' sticker," Keesey said on his project's Kickstarter page. "And kids like stickers, too! It's a quick, easy and non-threatening way to say 'I've chosen to protect our kids today.'"

By pledging $10 to the campaign, a pediatrician of your choice will get 100 stickers and a template to print more. Donations of $25 get all that, plus a tote bag. Those who give $50 and higher get the stickers and two totes.

The Kickstarter has a goal of $10,000 that it must meet by Tuesday, March 10, at 3 p.m. Anyone can donate. If you prefer delivering the stickers to your doc's office yourself, they can be sent to any U.S. home address, too.

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Image via Kickstarter

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