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Beagle Bests All Breeds at Westminster

The crowd loved an Old English sheepdog named Swagger. The commentators had their eye on Matisse, a Portuguese water dog. But all that mattered was what the Best in Show judge thought. And when he announced Westminster Kennel Club's top purebred of 2015, the winner was a 15-inch female beagle named Miss P.

As written in the NYTimes, the judge said Miss P "had wonderful type," a "wonderful head" and that as he watched her move, he could simultaneously see “the beagle in the ring and the beagle in the field.”

Hailing from a kennel in British Columbia, Canada, Miss P is the sixth dog from the hound group to win Best in Show and the second beagle. The first of her breed to take that honor was Uno in 2008, who happens to be Miss P's grand-uncle.

Miss P, at 4 years old, is now retiring for motherhood, according to the Times.

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