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Aussie Mom Revamps Bratz Dolls With Reality

Ever take a walk down the toy aisle and notice that the dolls marketed towards young girls have more makeup on them than a call girl might wear?

Sonia Singh noticed. The artist, illustrator and scientist based out of Hobart, Tasmania, started Tree Change Dolls. Her objective was to take discarded toys and give them a new lease on life. Some of her best work was transforming Bratz Dolls from looking like overdone club goers into actual girls. Because no 5-year-old should ever consider wearing that much eyeliner.

"These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania. These lil' fashion dolls have opted for a 'tree change,' swapping high-maintenance glitz 'n' glamour for down-to-earth style. I hand-repaint the dolls faces, mold new shoes, and my mum sews and knits their clothing," Singh says on her Tumblr page.

To promote her dolls, Singh started selling them on Esty. They sold out exceptionally fast and are no longer available. But worry not! Redoing a doll's look is something any mom can do with her kid, and Singh encourages you to try. As explained on the Tree Change Dolls Tumblr page:

"We still do not plan to be doll manufacturers and we encourage you to find old and unused dolls and toys and to give them a new lease on life. The emails we have received from people who have done this and had a ball with their children have been the best part of this whole experience so far."

While you might not want to go through the process of stripping a Barbie of its mascara and knitting a sensible doll skirt, you can still talk to your youngsters about the unrealistic beauty standards such "children's" toys posses.

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Image via Facebook/treechangedolls

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