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Mom Sells What to Bodybuilders?

Baby bottles with days of the week on adhesive notes

A Michigan mother with an entrepreneurial spirit has figured out a new way to make a few bucks: sell her breast milk to bodybuilders on Craigslist.

"There's a ton of vitamins, a ton of protein, a ton of nutrients in breast milk itself," Lisa Charbonneau told myFOXDetroit. "I heard my cousin post something on his Facebook about breast milk being just as a good protein shake, if they ever stop making them."

There's a growing trend among bodybuilders to drink breast milk in an effort to bulk up. But the risk of consuming breast milk purchased online is high, with reports of staph and feces being found in tested samples. Medical experts overwhelming debunk the notion that consuming breast milk can help one gain muscle mass.

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Charbonneau is charging no less than $1 per ounce, with about 70 ounces available to the highest bidder. Her online sales pitch states, "I do not drink, or do drugs, and I take a multivitamin daily." She said that an offer of $3–4 per ounce has already come in.

While Charbonneau said mothers needing breast milk are also welcome to bid, she didn't comment on the likelihood that the actual highest bidder is probably going to be some weirdo.

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