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Pizza Nail Polish? Yes, Really!

Valentine's Day has passed, and if you didn't get that special something on your list, don't worry. The pizza chain Pizza Hut has officially won Valentine's Day. They have just released nail polish colors inspired by pizza.

With flavors like Say Cheese (yellow), Voracious Veggie (green), Meat Me After Midnight (a taupe brown) and Dough You Need Me, which looks like the color of raw pizza dough, your fingers can now match your favorite food, complete with your favorite toppings.

In need of some pizza inspiration? Use pink as a base color and create tiny pepperoni pizzas on your digits, like Pizza Hut did. "Can you handle it?" the company asks.

Pizza Hut created limited quantities of the pie-inspired polishes to 30 people who wrote the best pizza-themed poetry. The winning poems were pure declarations of pizza love, with lines like: "Roses are red, violets are blue. Tonight's last piece of pizza is not for me, but for you," by Fuku Sheather. The poems are definitely cheesy, too. In more ways that one.

If you're a pizza lover, nail polish doesn't get any more awesome than this. Unless of course, the polish was scented and edible.

While the colors are pretty enough to wear solo, we suggest using them to take your love of pizza even further. Try some pizza-themed nail art!

Images via Pizza Hut Facebook

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