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Girl's Demand for More Female Superheroes Goes Viral

"Girls read comic too, and they care."

That's the message one bold 11-year-old girl had for DC Comics when she wrote a letter to the publisher putting it on blast for not having enough female superheroes.

"My name is Rowan and I am 11 years old," the handwritten letter begins. "I love superheroes and have been reading comics and watching superhero cartoons and movies since I was very young. I’m a girl, and I’m upset because there aren’t very many girl superheroes or movies and comics from DC."

As reports, the letter went viral and prompted a response from DC Comics, which tweeted: “Thanks Rowan. We agree, we’re working hard to create more superhero fun for girls!”

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The Illinois fifth-grader also made an appearance on the TODAY show to discuss her letter, which went viral.

“I have never really understood why they've had more male superheroes,” Rowan told TODAY. “It's not like the male superheroes are better than the female superheroes. But there are just more of them.”

In the meantime, DC Comics has offered Rowan the superhero treatment with a recently released drawing depicting her as a flying, bespectacled tween coming to save the day for comic-loving girls everywhere.

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Image via DC Comics/Rowan Hansen

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