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Daytime Naps Could Affect Kids' Sleep Quality

Young boy enjoying an afternoon nap at home

Does your child fight tooth and nail to avoid nap time? The kid may be onto something.

A new study published by Archives of Disease in Childhood has linked daytime naps in children beyond the age of 2 to poorer sleep quality in young kids, as Science Daily reports.

The study reviewed published data for napping in children up to the age of 5. It found evidence that naps after age 2 increases the amount of time is takes for a child to fall asleep, thus decreasing his or her total amount of nighttime sleep.

"The impact of night sleep on children's development and health is increasingly documented, but to date there is not sufficient evidence to indicate the value of prolonging napping, whether at home or in childcare contexts, once sleep has consolidated into night," the study's researchers reported.

While there remains a less clear picture on the link between napping and behavioral, developmental and physical health, the study does call for more research into the sleep patterns of young children. It also challenges the common belief that little kids need naps.

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Image via atkinson000/Flickr

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